Firefox 8.0 is here! Sticking to it’s new(ish) rapid release cycle, Firefox is already pushing out Firefox 8 with Firefox 9 and 10 close behind.  What’s new with Mozilla Firefox 8? Well, it looks like their are three key changes that should improve the end user experience.

Firefox 8 Gallery Button

  • The first being that any add-ons bundled together under a third party add-on must be explicitly turned on by the user before they become active.  So no sneaking in the back door anymore.
  • Secondly, in Firefox 8, Twitter has become part of the search bar as one of the default search engines made available via the search text field in the navigation bar.
  • And lastly, a bit of speed and memory is regained with the settings option to only load visible tabs, leaving the others to be loaded upon demand when they are activated.  Sweet!

But why let the new goodness stop there?  Check out our roundup of eight Firefox 8 themes you can use to make your new browser even better.

Firefox 8 Themes

1.  Twitter Theme for Firefox 8

Twitter theme for Firefox 8.0

With the Firefox 8 release making twitter more integrated with Firefox than ever, why not bring the rest of twitter that much closer to your fingertips?  With this twitter theme you’ll see recent tweets appear in a ticker, have a pop-out side bar that shows your full twitter stream, and the ability to quickly share any web page you’re on without leaving it. This is the ultimate Twitter add-on for Firefox 8.

2.  Huffington Post Theme – Firefox 8

Huffington Post Firefox 8.0

This theme for The Huffington Post can keep you informed on a number of different topics including Politics, News, Entertainment, and more.  It also has a sidebar with real time HuffPo updates via twitter.

3.  NASA Image of the Day Firefox 8 Theme

NASA Browser Theme for Firefox 8

The NASA Image of the Day Theme is fantastic for a number of reasons.  It’s main image changes weekly pulling from NASA’s growing Image of the Day gallery, it’s connected to the NASA site, Hubble Telescope site, and the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum.  It also has quick links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.

4.  Tron Grid Firefox Theme


Tron inspired Firefox 8 Theme

Explore “the grid” while looking through the grid.  Cue brain, explode.  And of course, you’ll have quick access to your favorite sites like Facebook and Twitter with a video side bar full of top rated news stories.

5.  Paris & Eiffel Tower Firefox Theme

Paris Firefox 8 Theme

Sometimes you need to balance the web/tech with scenes of the real world, and if that’s the case, why not balance it with images of beautiful Paris?  Well, you can do just that with this Paris & Eiffel Tower theme that provides quick links to favorites like Facebook and twitter as well as a video news sidebar.

6.  Blue Sky Clouds Firefox 8 Theme

Firefox Eight - Blue Sky

Keeping with the above idea of balance, maybe serenity more than scenery is what you’re after.  If that’s the case then you might want to try this serene blue sky clouds theme.  In addition to it’s calming imagery it also offers quick links to Facebook, Twitter, and a video sidebar.

7.  Firefox 8 Zombie Theme

Zombie Theme - Firefox

Or maybe you want the opposite of serenity, a zombie attack!  Which can be fun.  In that case, this is the theme for you.  It also comes with quick links to Facebook, Twitter, and a video sidebar that makes keeping up with the news easier.

8.  Puppies Theme

Frefox 8 Theme - Puppies

While the Internet as we know it may be made up of Cats, many people are still making room in their hearts (and their browsers) for the adorable puppy…and this theme can help!  It also provides quick links to your Facebook, Twitter, and a video side bar for keeping up with the news.

Firefox 8 Theme Gallery

These are some of the best Firefox 8 themes in our gallery but if  none of these themes quite match your style, feel free to check out our full gallery of Firefox 8 themes. Choose from several categories of themes from your favorite college, holidays, news websites, entertainment, lifestyle and many more. Or maybe you aren’t into any of the themes in the gallery, that’s fine too, feel free to create your own Firefox 8 theme using our new DIY browser theme tool:

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