If you’re a fan of Mozilla Firefox then you’ll be glad to know that with the release of Firefox 7 you’re getting a much faster web browser. And make no mistake, speed is a big deal for browsers. It’s not uncommon to have multiple add-ons and tabs open and loading/running at the same time all attributing to a slower browsing experience – and most likely a due amount of frustration on the part of the user. However, a more efficient use of memory in Firefox 7.0 has made it second only to Opera in browser speed according to tests done by Lifehacker. Other Firefox 7 improvements include the mending of several security vulnerabilities to make this the most secure version of Firefox to date.

With speed and security in the proverbial bag, you the user, can move on to more cosmetic concerns. Like browser themes! So here are 7 New Firefox 7 Themes to consider…

1. Halloween Firefox 7 Theme

Halloween Firefox 7 Theme

It’s October and Halloween is right around the corner. Snag this theme and get in the holiday spirit by sporting some spooky looking jack-o-lanterns. In addition to the festive look you’ll have quick access to favorite sites like facebook and twitter as well as a video sidebar for added fun.

2. Thanksgiving Theme

Thanksgiving Firefox 7

For many Thanksgiving is the favorite of Fall holidays. Fortunately, that’s covered here too. This Thanksgiving theme offers links to online games, a history of the holiday, Thanksgiving food recipes, awesome videos, and even news on Black Friday deals.

3. Ohio State University Firefox 7 Theme

Ohio State University Firefox 7 Theme

The Ohio State Buckeyes may not be doing so well this season but it’s at times like this that the most support is needed. And if they’re not your team, our gallery has a huge selection of college and pro football teams. This theme in particular offers easy access to the Buckeye facebook page as well as all the best news from ohiostatebuckeyes.com.

4. Movie Premier Firefox 7 Theme

Movie Primier Firefox theme

Summer blockbusters may be at an end for 2011 but now is the season for serious Oscar contenders. Stay plugged into the movie scene with this fun theme for Firefox 7. It includes easy access to facebook and twitter as well as a sidebar for top movie news and videos.

5. CollegeHumor Firefox 7 Theme

College Humor Firefox 7 Theme

A good laugh is never out of season as evidenced by the ever popular site CollegeHumor. Their Firefox 7 theme keeps the laughs coming with a slick looking design, quick links to your favorite social sites, and a side bar featuring popular content from CollegeHumor.com.

6. The Daily Beast Firefox 7 Theme

Daily Beast Firefox 7 Themes

Staying informed can be a full time job. This Firefox 7 theme for The Daily Beast (TDB) helps curate your news and organize your information in-take. Aside from easy access to TheDailyBeast.com you’ll see the top news picture displayed in the browser chrome, the latest news streaming through the news ticker, and a multi-media sidebar featuring TDB’s cheat sheet.

7. Kittens Firefox 7 Theme

Cat Firefox 7 Theme

After consulting experts on the matter we’ve discovered that the web is now made up primarily of kittens. So get your browser up to date with this cute and cuddly theme for Firefox 7 that offers quick links to your favorite social sites, an interactive sidebar, and the adorable faces of kittens…the building blocks of the web.

If these top 7 themes aren’t your style, check out our entire Firefox Theme Gallery for even more Firefox 7 themes!

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