There’s a lot to be happy about with the latest 6.0 release of Mozilla’s Firefox Web Browser. They’ve improved their “Awesome Bar” or URL bar so that it’s more search intuitive. They’ve amped up security options so you can limit the amount of information the sites you browse are allowed to capture. They’ve made it faster. And they’ve even updated the few drop down tabs/menus they have with a sexier design.

As has been the case since the launch of Firefox add-ons, that gallery continues to grow rapidly – As do the options for custom Firefox Browser themes. Here are 6 new themes for Firefox 6 that you might want to check out.

1. TweetTheme


If you’ve always got a tab open with twitter in it, then you might want to consider switching to this twitter theme for Firefox 6. Not only does it have a familiar design to, but it’s got a news ticker for your latest tweets, a side-bar with your entire twitter stream in it, and the ability to quickly share the website you’re on without leaving it.

2. University of Minnesota Browser Theme


As one of the five largest Universities in the United States, The University of Minnesota Browser theme for Firefox 6 has a lot of alumni that might find it useful. With this theme you’ll have easy access to quick links to Gopher Athletics facebook and twitter pages,, and a sidebar with featured news stories.


3. The Ohio State Browser Theme


Similar to the University of Minnesota, as the largest college in the United States, The Ohio State University theme has a huge fan-base that can show their support and stay plugged in by sporting this custom theme for Firefox 6. They’ll have easy access to the Buckeye facebook page and the best news from


4. Starry Night Sky Browser Theme


This whimsical design gives you something “other-worldly” to look at while surfing the web. It also gives you quick access to some of your favorite sites like facebook, twitter, and a side-bar with top news stories.


5. Matrix Code Browser Theme


Feeling a bit meta? Snag this Matrix Code theme and dive into the billions of coded pages of the web. In addition to a slick look, this browser theme gives you quick and easy access to your favorite sites like facebook, twitter, and a side-bar with top news stories.


6. Fish Filled Aquarium Browser Theme


Go deep with this Aquarium theme for Firefox 6 by surfing the web “below the surface”. In addition to the new look this theme offers it also gives you quick and easy access to your favorite sites like facebook and twitter – as well as a side bar featuring top news stories.

If these themes aren’t your cup of tea, you can browse more Firefox 6 themes in our gallery

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