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The kick off of the World Cup got me thinking about the marketing opportunity for companies trying to reach a multi-national audience with their product, and my own global expectations for Brand Thunder’s interactive browser themes when we were starting out.

For companies that can afford it, the mega sporting events like the Olympics and the World Cup offer a reach not found everyday.  I’m sure it makes sense for the larger companies to maintain their presence.  For smaller companies, we need to think more creatively.

Find Your Extended Sales Force

Brand Thunder leverages a distribution strategy that it began using in the U.S. – working with agencies and organizations that had the new media expertise and the brand relationships to extend the reach of our product.  It’s working well.  Our partner in the UK, KAM Sports International, brought the Scottish Premier League champion Glasgow Rangers into the Brand Thunder client fold.  We’re also about to launch product in Hong Kong through our partner HOTMEDIA, in India through our representative Kevin Jacobs, and are about to announce another large international market partnership.  Is there a sales channel that you can leverage beyond your own?

Leverage Your Product’s Natural Reach

With Firefox being built for the global community, we were prepared to act local for any global opportunity that presented itself at day one.  While we’re making strides in this area as mentioned above, it’s interesting to see that the users are adopting faster than the brands.  Our traffic trends show more than half of users coming from outside the U.S.  We have product categories where U.S. usage is only a third of the user base, and it’s not just in the obvious products like our Euro Football theme.  It’s some of the more general interest themes and it’s interesting to see where and what users find appealing in our gallery of products.  Needless to say, this extended audience wouldn’t be possible if the platform on which we work wasn’t international to begin with.  Is there an international opportunity with your product that you’ve overlooked?

Discover New Distribution Channels

Our clients and their reach to their audience have always been a critical part of our business.  But it’s not been our sole channel to market.  Part of the value add for partners and driver of our growth has been our own distribution efforts.  This includes making sure we’re available on the add-on galleries for the browsers we serve – for Firefox and for Internet Explorer.  We’ve also seen considerable success delivering our browser themes through freeware and shareware download sites.  This is made easier through the use of PAD files.  It has also allowed us to reach users through the sites that serve the product they use (the browser) and the sites that serve their market (download sites across the globe).  Where can you put your product in the hands of new users (more than just an international question)?

None of these suggestions are ground breaking.  However, if we were totally focused on a narrow definition of what our business is and how we do it, any of them could have easily been overlooked.  What are you doing that could easily be extended and expand your market giving you world class appeal at less than World Cup prices?  And what else should we be considering?

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