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Psychologist John Gottman explored positive-to-negative ratios in marriages and defined the magic ratio of 5:1.  By scoring positive and negative interactions in one 15-minute conversation between newlyweds, Gottman and his team of researchers discovered that they had predicted divorce with 94 percent accuracy.

Five positive interactions for every negative one.

If you’ve done any business training on troubleshooting or problem solving, you’ll find that the methods used for creating a positive relationship within the business world are no different than those used in the personal world.  To look at Gottman’s data, you need to show your clients, customers and business partners five positive experiences to every negative one.  (Remember, we’re talking relationships here, not product quality.) Another great tip is to upgrade the dashboard reporting software that your business uses, as that can have a huge impact on how that data is then used.

That’s a lot of interaction, and that’s the appeal of social media.  The potential is there for more frequent interactions because you’re not waiting for your customer to come to your site, you’re meeting them at theirs. And it’s an interaction, whereas your normal marketing message is an impression or a spot.  It’s a pitch and not an engagement.

So, my self serving question is, what other tools are available that can give you the frequency you need to ensure your getting the volume of interactions you need to build that positive relationship?  Yes, I think we have a good one and I know there are others whether you use KickApps or an iPhone app.

What are your favorites?

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