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At this time of giving thanks, Brand Thunder has much to celebrate.

And reflecting over the past year shows the huge strides we’ve made from both a business and technology standpoint.  Thanks to an outstanding team.

  • First dynamically updating browser theme with The Daily Beast news browser theme.  The featured exclusive story photo automatically appeared within the browser theme when the web site updated the content and prompting users to return 10 times more frequently than their average user.
  • First browser theme to include an automatic theme switch after a time-based event.  Daytona International Speedway browser theme included a change of theme after one of its four prominent races, a countdown ticker to the next race start and alerts to ticket availability for its races.
  • Most dynamic theme available in the market. Weather browser theme powered by WeatherBug changes to reflect the users current weather conditions.  The users location is set either through the browser’s geo-location feature or user data.  The theme also features up to a three-day forecast in the browser. 
  • First Internet Explorer themes to premiere on Microsoft’s IE Add-ons Gallery.  Subsequently, Microsoft secured approval to feature a dozen of Brand Thunder’s themes in IE8 Optimized Browsers showcasing the theme capabilities that had previously not existed for IE.
  • Personas Interactive Firefox extension launched as a new Firefox theme platform that the industry experts at TechCrunch declared “Personas Interactive… Leapfrogged Mozilla.” 
  • Brand Thunder’s progress and promise in the technology space qualified it for $1 million from the Ohio Innovation Loan Fund, a program to help groundbreaking small companies grow and create jobs that remain in Ohio.

We’ve still got a lot to do, but reflecting on the accomplishments manages to show the progress that gets made over time even if it’s sometimes missed in the moment.

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