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The top trending Twitter term, as I write this, is “meteor shower tonight.”  It’s a wonderful event to enjoy on a summer’s evening, and the timing this year is perfect for those of us on in the Eastern time zone.  A great memory from several years back was having a pre-dawn jog in an very open park during the Leonid meteor shower and being awed as meteors fell all around me.  It was truly stunning.

Thinking of space lends itself to that sense of awe.  When you get the bonus of the rare and infrequent events like a meteor shower or eclipse, it brings that mystique to you in a very close and personal way.  In a sense, we’ve tried to capture a bit of this with our latest NASA interactive browser theme.

Each week, we personally select a new background for the browser theme from NASA’s Image of Day and update the browser theme.  It’s an automatic change for you, giving you a fresh and exciting new browser experience every week.  Our goal is to deliver something beautiful and continually fresh without being too fleeting.

This coming week, while it’s not guaranteed, I would expect a stellar image of the Perseid meteor shower.  Unlike the real event, this one can’t be spoiled by clouds and you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to enjoy it.  Try it out.

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