Miami Heat browser theme

The Miami Heat have another thing going for them this season.  As if a line up that includes Wade, Bosh and James isn’t enough, the team has introduced the official Miami Heat browser themes for Firefox and Internet Explorer.  When expectations for a season run this high, the challenge is to continue to win.  The team is doing this on the court with a nice win streak.  The front office is doing their share with initiatives like the Heat browser theme.

Every Heat fan can be a part of this epic season and the browser theme will keep the team spirit flowing whenever you’re on the Internet.  You’ll get a skin for your browser,  breaking news from the team plus easily access the best of Heat’s web site including ticket sales.  It’s a great way to show your loyalty to the team.

And if you’re just getting swept up in the energy, the Heat bandwagon is a big one – so feel free to get on.  And get started with their browser theme.

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