Medical Marijuana browser theme
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Brand Thunder cautiously announces the release of its Medical Marijuana browser theme.  This is a serious topic with serious consequences. We’re not going to ride in on our high horse and dictate the course any state, or even our country, should toke. I mean, “take.”  The last thing we want to do is take sides against the issue and watch the hopes of thousands, even millions, of people go up in smoke.  Though, it seems that would be the result if we backed it as well.

You can see the dilemma.  We also wonder if a country suffering an obesity epidemic should encourage wider use of this substance.  Makes you wonder who’s behind the initiative.  I expect someone is following the Cheetos-stained money trail.

Enough potificating, we’re on deadline and need to finish this post by 4:20.  Check out the Medical Marijuana browser theme it’s good for a laugh – and that’s the best medicine.

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