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I’ve had my home on the market lately and had to live “show ready.”  At a moments notice, the realtor could (and did) call saying “we’ve got a showing scheduled for today.”  The house had to be ready to sell.  Part of the difficulty in these moments is to see the issues with the items we live with every day.

When you’re getting the house ready it’s easy to spot the cracks that need patching, or the paint that needs a fresh coat.  It’s much harder to see what’s part of the everyday that might turn a buyer off, like when I forgot to clean up the yard after my dog.  I got dinged from a buyer on that.

When it comes to your web site, what are the things that get overlooked and your customers might step in?  Here’s a check list of considerations:

  • Images – Are the screen shots and imagery you use current?  Are there elements in the images that might work against you.  (I used to work for a major portal and we always made sure our screen shots avoided the story of devastation that was the feature lead.)
  • Descriptions – Is the language you’re using still current and accurate?  Are you using terminology that your customer uses?
  • Links – Have you clicked through on links, especially after any site redesign or changes?  404 errors and page not found are killers.
  • Legal – Is your TOS (Terms of Service) and Privacy Policy up-to-date?  This is another area that should be reviewed after any product or site changes.
  • Copyright – Is the copyright current on your web pages?  Seeing a (c) 2005 just looks sloppy.
  • Web Browsers – Have you looked at your site in different browsers?  Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome.  They each have a large audience, and your standards-based web site should serve them all.  Does it?

Hope your site is “show ready” and it sells!  What are the other easy to miss items to review?

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