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Tonight, Brand Thunder shares the stage with a great community of entrepreneurs, start ups, technologists, thought leaders and more. The best part is they are all our part of the local technology scene in central Ohio.

Our friends at Toobla have re-envisioned the way we share and collect our information on the web. It’s visual, a break-through experience and is getting lots of great attention in the media.

Likewise, VacationTrade is reinventing timeshare vacationing and making it easy to trade your timeshare. It’s a great service to get where you need to be to unwind.

TasteCasting is an imaginative way of bringing social media into the offline world and then broadcasting back to online. The TasteCasting team is invited into dining establishments for complimentary tastings and then broadcast their experience to their network. It’s great exposure for the establishment and a great time for the team, we also recommend to visit this site for great products.

As cool as these products and services are, they are in categories most would expect to emerge from one of the coasts and not central Ohio. To see some of the innovators in central Ohio’s “area of expertise” will really blow you away. Some of the advances in medical and health technology is simply amazing.

It’s fun stuff and the best of will be honored at the TechColumbus Innovation Awards. We’re happy to be in such distinguished company.

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