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Help us help you.

Brand Thunder supports all its products at  All questions are monitored and responded to by the Brand Thunder team.  You never know who is going to respond, but we do make sure you question gets to the right person and that you get a response.

Get Satisfaction is a community site, so you will need to register.  It’s a free site for users, so don’t hesitate to join. And while it’s an extra step, that minor bit of inconvenience helps to keep the site and discussion relatively clean and on topic.

The topic of discussion is really up to you.  We’re aggressively trying to build the capabilities of the browser theme, across multiple browsers and multiple operating systems – and we’re a small team.  What this means is we can always use good ideas, so feel free to share and comment.  It also means we’re doing a lot, so we’re bound to miss a few things.  We greatly appreciate hearing about any issues or problems you encounter.  As hard as we try, we simply can’t catch everything.

If you do run into a problem, here is some preliminary information that can start us on the path of troubleshooting.  Once you describe the problem in as much detail as you can (the standard who, what, when, where and how). Let us know your:

  • Operating system
  • Browser and version number
  • Other extensions you may be running
  • Screen shots of the problem can also be helpful

That gets us in the ballpark of the problem and then we can ask more focused questions after that.  Regardless of the message, we’re always glad to hear from you.

You can also keep up with Brand Thunder by following us on Twitter or liking us on Facebook.

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