Christmas Firefox browser theme
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Sometimes the best answers are the most obvious.  When you’re sitting around wondering, “what could be better than a Christmas browser theme?” and the simple brilliance of it hits you… “TWO Christmas browser themes.”  It’s like finding an amp that goes to 11.  One might suggest since we have both a Firefox and Internet Explorer version of the browser themes, we technically have four.  To that I say, “yes, one might suggest that” and then promptly change the subject.


The Christmas browser theme, Brand Thunder’s first and still most popular, is reminiscent of a scene from Frosty, with a happy snowman amongst snow covered hills. During the day, you’ll enjoy falling now. At night, the sky darkens and the twinkling lights in the Christmas trees can be seen.

Classic Christmas

If you prefer a Christmas theme that feels a little more like home, try out the Classic Christmas browser theme. You’ll enjoy the images of presents under the tree and the twinkling tree lights amongst the ornaments.

Classic Christmas Firefox browser theme
Image by brandthunder via Flickr

Holiday Cheer

The browser themes alone will help to keep your spirits bright. The interactive components of these two themes include:

  • Top selections from the Holiday Radio channels found on, one of the most outstanding Internet radio providers we’ve found.
  • A sidebar of fun holiday videos from YouTube and special gift options from Amazon.
  • Links for holiday history, Christmas recipes, activities and more

Either one you choose, you’re sure to enjoy.  They are nice little additions to the holiday season and a great way to start your Season’s Greetings.

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