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We’ve generated a lot of buzz from the college and university browser themes launched in conjunction with CBSSports.com College Network.  We’ve also heard our share of comments from fans of schools that were not part of this program.  While this program reached almost 60 schools, that leaves a lot of schools across the country with fans that are feeling left out.  So, here’s my stop-gap plan for satisfying the need until we have the opportunity to deliver an official browser theme from the college or university of their choice.

Get the Canvas Browser Theme

The Canvas browser theme is our Firefox extension that allows you to add any picture or web image instantly to your browser theme.  It was an instant hit because people could finally put images into their browser theme that they chose.  You see a lot of great imagery of family, friends, good times and great photos.  You can easily add any photo from your computer to the theme.  Because of the short height and long width of the browser, you need to experiment with finding the right image or interesting cropping that makes a truly unique and sensational browser theme.

Create Your Theme from Your School’s Website

One of the features in Canvas is the ability to add any image on the web to the browser theme.  It’s as simple as hovering your cursor over an image, right click and choose “Add Image to Canvas.”  The image will immediately appear in your browser theme.  So someone like Brent, who requested a University of Central Florida could go to the site and add any image to have an instant UCF Knights theme.  (Note: I’m not condoning anything improper.  Make sure you abide by any restrictions over copyrighted works.)  David, who was looking for an Ohio Bobcats browser theme, will need to work a little harder.  Much of OU’s imagery is in Flash which cannot be added to the browser theme.

Make It Look Good

Once you have the image in Canvas, play around with the Manage screen (see the toolbar button of the same name).  Click Manage, then click the image name to the left for the image you just added.  That will offer you a number of positioning and color options.  By default, the image will tile (repeat across the theme).  You may want to turn that off and select a complementary background color.  You may also want to position the image to the left, right or in the middle.  All of that can be done from the Manage screen.

The Canvas Browser Theme is a great extension for creating your own personal browser theme.  And you can choose at any time whether you want it to feature your favorite team, or favorite photo.

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