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We often talk about our interactive themes as offering an immersive visual experience integrated with content and functionality. I don’t think, however, we’ve referenced the intersection of the visual theme and integrated content. Specifically, how we’ve enabled the browser chrome to be an active communication tool and not just a placeholder for the theme and address bar.


We’ve made the theme dynamic for partner’s like The Daily Beast, who put a thumbnail of their current feature story right into the browser theme. It’s a visual invitation back to their site that updates throughout the day allowing the user to keep up with the hot story of the moment. It’s compelling, it’s cool and it’s engaging. You can see a large screen shot on The Daily Beast’s browser theme download page. The image of Tiger Woods is the photo that updates automatically.


For some partners, we’ve placed sponsorships into the browser chrome. Ontario University Athletics extended their sponsor agreement with the Dairy Farmers of Canada’s “Recharge with Milk” campaign and integrated the logo into their theme design. It’s a great example of making the sponsorship work while maintaining design integrity. The continued high percentage of click through is testament to its effectiveness.


We’ve even leveraged the capability in our own topical themes, connecting our Valentine’s Day theme to the Ghirardelli Chocolate Store. The design incorporated a box of Ghirardelli chocolates and utilized that design element to provide a direct link to their store, turning the passive design into an active revenue opportunity.

It’s great stuff and it’s working. In the week’s to come there should be even more potential for making the themes ever more engaging.

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