LA Galaxy Browser Theme for IE
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It’s been a good week or so for discussing the merits and capabilities of the browser theme.

From the development side, the Mozilla community is exploring adding new standard functionality in the browser that Brand Thunder showcased in its Personas Interactive extension.  Mozilla is considering giving users the ability to expand the space available to the browser theme.  Especially for large screen monitors, this capability can offer a more compelling visual.  You can vote for the feature of a Persona height adjustment at the Mozilla Add-ons blog.

While this feature is a little nice to have, I think if Personas really wants to make a step forward there are other enhancements found in Personas Interactive that would be a more meaningful step for designers and the end user.  Supporting full CSS3 backgrounds and allowing sites to host their own gallery of Personas are a couple of them.  Then again, why wait?  You can try the functionality out today.  The documentation of how to do it is all found at

If you’re more interested in the business applications of the browser and browser themes in particular, check out a couple recent articles covering Brand Thunder and its work in the interactive browser theme space.  Marketing by Deepak offered an in-depth look at business applications and the affinity marketing power of an interactive browser theme.   The Metropreneur took its own look at the value of interactive browser themes while also delving into the task of building Brand Thunder the company.

It’s great to see this continued interest around the company and the category we continue to build.

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