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COLUMBUS (June 9, 2010) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, announced the launch of its add-on themes for Windows Internet Explorer on the Internet Explorer Add-ons Gallery. Some of these themes have been featured on the Internet Explorer Add-ons Gallery homepage at

Brand Thunder, is rapidly bringing its interactive browser themes to Internet Explorer users. Each add-on blends a custom theme and interactive content and functionality to Internet Explorer. If multiple Brand Thunder add-ons are installed, the user enjoys real-time switching between any of them. The complete experience changes with the theme, buttons, feeds and sidebar content all changing to match the selected theme.

The initial launch of Internet Explorer themes includes a broad offering of brands and topics like Baseball, CollegeHumor, the MLS’s Columbus Crew, the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts, NASCAR Nationwide Series, Vancouver Canucks, Washington Capitals, Weather powered by WeatherBug among others. Brand Thunder will continue to roll out themes for its client list that spans entertainment, news, sports and colleges and universities.

“Brand Thunder brings a good set of technologies, user experiences and recognized companies that we felt the Internet Explorer audience would enjoy,” said Rob Pulciani, Senior Marketing Manager at Microsoft. “We wanted to help build the awareness of these offerings and highlight the fun and value this can bring to someone’s online experience.”
“Our clients and users have consistently asked for the ability to theme their Internet Explorer browsers,” says founder Patrick Murphy. “We’re thrilled to make this launch event encompassing of our clients and leverage the power of the Internet Explorer community.”

Brand Thunder’s interactive themes provide an extreme makeover of the Internet browser. They are free, lightweight active customizations that can include themes, toolbars, sidebars and other content or functionality. Users can switch real-time between any installed Brand Thunder themes.

About Brand Thunder:

Formed in April 2007, Brand Thunder creates extreme makeovers for the Internet browser. Brands enjoy a persistent connection to their Internet consumer driving more website visits and increased revenue. Through a software installation, end users change the drab Internet browser into an immersive experience from their favorite sports team, entertainment franchise or Internet site. The interactive browser themes feature official logos, colors, content and functionality, and can also extend capabilities including video, music players or other Internet widgets. Current business partners and clients include Bing, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post, Major League Soccer, NASCAR, NBA, NCAA, NFL, NHL and Universal Music. Samples found at

Patrick Murphy, CEO
Brand Thunder, LLC


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