The SIIA Information Industry Summit has a reputation as the digital information industry’s flagship conference. It’s an annual Summit of industry leaders for providing strategic guidance to senior business leaders representing publishers, content technology companies, bankers, analysts, bloggers and press. This year Brand Thunder is fortunate enough to join.

Brand Thunder was invited along with eight other early-stage businesses that offer content or content technology products and are poised for growth. During SIIA Previews sessions held throughout the Information Industry Summit, CEOs from each of the companies will highlight the innovations that have made them successful.

The list below gives a quick overview of each of the selected companies and is copied from the Summit’s website, found here.

Boardroom Insiders
uses public source data to build deep and insightful profiles of senior executives at major companies nationwide. A feed monitoring system enables continuous updating of profiles, ensuring they reflect the most current news about companies and executives.

Brand Thunder offers an easy-to-install browser add-on, through which users transform their web-browser into an immersive experience. These custom-browser experiences feature themes with content, official logos, colors, images and style, plus functionality that extend browser’s capabilities.

DeepDyve is the largest online rental service for scientific, technical and medical research with over 30 million articles from thousands of authoritative journals. For as little as $0.99, users can rent and read the full-text of countless articles from DeepDyve’s vast collection of prestigious content.

HaraBara is building HaraBara GreenBase (TM), an essential information resource with a comprehensive, in-depth way to access actionable information related to green, sustainable, environmentally-oriented products, company actions, technology, research, engineering and government developments.

HearPlanet turns your cell phone into a multimedia guide to the world. The platform enables aggregation and creation of media and delivers it to mobile phones. HearPlanet focuses on audio content, making it the perfect solution for driving, sightseeing, museum going or any time you want information without distraction or slowing down.

NetProspex has built a database of crowd-sourced business contacts, overlaid with a central authority technology system to determine and maintain quality. Manual tele-verification makes NetProspex’s B2B contact database the most accurate resource for user-generated contact information.

ORLive is the leading destination for medical and surgical video. The company provides over 100 medical device manufacturers and hospitals the opportunity to engage with their customers, enhance, and extend their brand via a trusted and reliable branded communications channel. is a service and a platform for personalized content recommendations. Users tell what they care about, and our system matches their interest profile against thousands of online news and blog articles.

Snac Inc. is a mobile software and services company that has developed and deployed into Beta a mobile widget service that helps companies connect more frequently, quickly and effectively with their mobile consumers.

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