Almost two weeks ago, we launched “Canvas” Brand Thunder’s latest browser Boom! – a tool that gives you a totally personal look to your browser when you add any photo or image to it. It’s a completely unique experience when it comes to browsers.

Yet like every other “brilliant” idea on the web, now comes the hard part of telling the world. Fortunately, we’re starting to make in roads there as well. Last week, the product got picked up by a couple nice sites:

StartupMeme, a technology blog, gave Canvas a thorough review at this link.’s Internet and Technology Examiner gave it a try and posted his thoughts here.

Tech Ravings, a blog from a pretty talented 15-year old, raved about it here.

It’s good to see we’re hitting all demographics.

You can find out more at our Canvas page or at the Mozilla Add-ons site (where its also gaining a following and good reviews!).

And thanks for helping us spread the word.

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