Brand Thunder’s heading to New York at the end of January to participate in a forum for leaders in the digital content industry. During the Software & Information Industry Association’s Information Summit nine start ups will be given the stage to present their capabilities. We earned our slot through a competition.

Vator (short for innovator) is a community and resource for entrepreneurs. While Brand Thunder created a presence months ago, it’s been more recent that we’ve become active on the site. Vator helps entrepreneurs and innovators connect with the entrepreneur and innovator community. It has a roll in the ongoing communication a company like ours undertakes, and the competitions it offers are a serious perk for any entrepreneur.

The SIIA Information Summit will be an ideal audience for Brand Thunder to reach. If you think of our product as an interactive browser theme, it’s the visual strength that grabs a user’s attention, but the integrated content makes it compelling. That value isn’t lost on companies who’ve poured a lot of money into their site and are looking for ways to keep their audience coming back. Once the content is integrated into the browser, that high-level exposure is vital.

We’re happy the judges saw that connection as well and invited us to attend. It was a wonderful gift for this holiday season.

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