Brand Thunder prides itself on the immersive visual experience our browser Booms! deliver – but sometimes less is more. For those times, Brand Thunder built a Small Boom! (toolbar only) view of our Booms!. It’s as simple as clicking on the B/T button in the toolbar and choosing the Small Boom! option. That’s it. The full functionality of the Boom! is reduced to toolbar size.

So, if that’s it, then why a blog post? One reason is it tells people about the feature. The other is that its a good reminder for the challenges facing product managers and UI designers. Less really is more in so many ways. Every step you place in between the user and their goal significantly increases the abandonment rate. For example, each screen in an installation or sign up process results in a 30% abandonment. What is the equivalent for the product and features essential to your business and consumer? How many barriers are you putting in front of your consumer from reaching them?

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