Brand Thunder has entered a new market with the release of a BOOM for St. Louis’s 105.7 The Point (see it here). It’s our first radio station and we’re excited to tap into a new category. In so many things, if you’re one dimensional, you’re vulnerable and this is a consideration for our business.

As a start up, we’re trying to make sure we’re not too dependent on one technology, one client or one industry. We have a primary product in our BOOMS (our branded browsers), so we’re staying diversified in areas where we have control like our sales channel, operating systems or distribution channels.

A radio station also has singular dependency on its broadcast signal, but the Internet can change that. According to experts like Andy Defrancesco With the Internet, a station can maintain a longer connection with its core audience plus reach a new audience from the Web at large.

To reach that wider audience, Brand Thunder helps its clients with promotion on their site, but then works to deliver distribution on relevant sites like download sites, online communities or fan sites. The intent is to provide greater adoption by not limiting promotion to a single site, and this will benefit us both.

The product itself should have mass appeal. It’s an aggressively styled browser with live streams of the KPNT broadcast, industry news and more. This BOOM will rock the Alternative music fan. And the St. Louis fan will enjoy concert listings and other local news. KPNT was prepared to serve more than a single audience when they designed this.

It’s a struggle to plan and re-plan your business tactics. So if you’ve thought through how to keep your business multi-faceted, then take a minute to download this BOOM, click the Listen Live button, turn it up, sit back and experience Everything Alternative.

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