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South by Southwest 2009 starts next week. A lot of people will see a lot of cool things. The question afterward will be “what is actionable?”

If you’re going there to see what next cool thing will help your business, take a quick read of an article at Online Media Daily featuring Google’s Analytics Evangelist, Avinash Kaushik, discussing appropriate measures of success. While I’m not a fan of how he says it, what he says resonates.

My quick summary is “You get the behavior you measure” and the standard of measurement on the web is the click. Clicks may not make your business successful. Be sure you know what does, and at some point during your sense of awe at SXSW, apply that lens and follow up with the companies you see as beneficial to your success.

In the article, Kaushik concludes Web sites need to more effectively generate “irrational loyalty, at scale.” If this is your goal, Brand Thunder’s Booms (custom branded browsers) can help. And if you’re going to SXSW, we’re sending the perfect person for you to meet. Mike Kaply has both a strong business sense and incredible technical knowledge. Regardless of your question, if it relates to how Brand Thunder can help your business, he should be able to address it. To arrange a meeting during the show, email us here.

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