It’s great to work with the well-known brands that Brand Thunder counts as its clients. It’s fantastic when one of our browser Booms! goes along for the ride during a big promotional push. For companies that need to promote their own goods, there’s a lot to model from the promotional efforts of the Grammy-winning, American country music duo Sugarland.

Be everywhere.

Sugarland’s first CD of Christmas music, Gold and Green, released this week and it’s been hard to miss them. On Monday, they made an appearance on Oprah, and that was just the start.

They’ve been appearing on talk shows, online interviews, special concerts and appearing together and individually. They are making their presence known.

Do more for your fans.

We like to think our custom browser themes are one of those value-adds that can really connect a brand to its fan base. Sugarland seems to offer extras to their fans on a regular basis. When we built their first browser theme during the release of Love on the Inside, I was impressed with the Deluxe Fan Edition, which took extra steps to address the desires of their most loyal fans.

Gold and Green continues this tradition with unlock codes accompanying the CD or iTunes download and offering fans downloads, content and a sweepstakes. You can see the registration page at

Be where your fans are.

This is the big lesson of social media. You’ve got to be where your fans are, and that’s not always your web site. Sugarland has their Universal Music Nashville page and, both of which feature the holiday browser theme. However, they also have their MySpace and Facebook pages, where you may have seen news of the theme. They are also on other fan sites like MOG and iLike.

It’s a great example of Sugarland’s tenacity to reach out to their fans and forge a relationship of mutual respect. Sugarland goes out of their way to connect with their fans. That’s a message every business can follow.

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