It’s true. Ninety percent of the NHL teams that have signed with Brand Thunder are heading to the playoffs. Only 35% of the other teams get to make that claim. Coincidence? I think not.

I think it’s the result of the immersive experience and the positive energy that the team/fan connection creates… OK, I realize that correlation does not imply causation. The playoffs are about winning. All the teams advancing had the effort, motivation and good fortune to advance into the post season. No single thing can guarantee achieving this. The best you can do is put as many factors in your favor as possible to give yourself or your team that chance to advance.

For companies, a Boom (branded browser) is one thing you can put in the “W” column for your business. We recognize that leveraging interactive media to connect with your user or fan base is not likely to be core to your business. That’s why we manage as much of the process as possible and limit your resource commitment to delivering a few assets from your existing web page, approval of the browser mock, a promotional link and download page (for which we also deliver assets). With a low level of effort, you enjoy a high return from increased web site visits and transactions from your fans. I wonder if any of the teams entering the playoffs had wins this easy.

In any case, congratulations and good luck to the Blackhawks, Blues, Canadiens, Canucks, Capitals, Flyers, Penguins and our home team, making their first playoff appearance, the Blue Jackets. If you’d like specifics as to how meaningful a Boom can be for your business, drop us a line.

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