You may not associate laughing and having fun with athletic prowess and skill, but that’s the appealing mix when it comes to the game of dodgeball. The National Dodgeball League’s Browser Boom! (branded browser) is no different.

It’s a clean and stylish design for a browser that keeps you in and around the dodgeball world. But, it also pulls in the sheer joy of the game. Click the News button, not just for the latest in professional and amateur dodgeball news, but also for the built-in video player featuring matches that you can watch while still surfing the web.

At three to five minutes in length, the games are the right length for a little indulgence of competitive sport and fun. If you’re in the mood for more in-depth viewing, click the button and you’ll find yourself in the full library of tournament play.

So whether or not you’re actively playing dodgeball, this is a Boom! to try. It’ll bring back a lot of good memories, offer a lot of insight into the current game and may just have you forming a league of your own. Check it out here.

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