MediaPost’s Online Spin had another interesting article yesterday titled “The Three Rs Of Engagement” by Cory Treffiletti. Cory discusses how there is no standard for defining engagement because engagement depends on the objectives of the marketer. But he proposes three unifying themes necessary to define engagement — and they are Recency, Resonance and Relevance.

I like the structure of the three Rs. The classic dictum of reach and frequency can be rolled under recency. They are the elements to help with recall. You could argue Resonance and Relevance also aid recall, but I’d put the burden of meeting those two Rs with creative execution and strategy. Creative will help you Resonate and getting that message to the right audience will ensure your Relevancy.

The three Rs also identify the keys to success when you’re dealing with a branded application like our Booms!. With an app, especially one used regularly, you are ensured Recency and since an app typically requires user action to download and use Relevancy is also virtually guaranteed. Now if you can provide the value that Resonates with that user, you’ve got a truly powerful tool to drive a lot of usage from your end user.

While you do this, you have to maintain Trust. This is implied in most marketing efforts, but essential in something like an application where the user extends a lot of faith from the moment they decide to download or install, and is committing themselves to hours of connection at a time. If you abuse the relationship you sought through the engagement capabilities of an app, you undermine more than any single marketing effort. In our world, that threshold can be pretty low if we disrupt the user’s experience. So if we don’t manage Trust very well, our three Rs quickly turns into ARRRG.

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