I wish I could offer all the advice you need in this one post. Fortunately, the “How to” portion is only a click away. Copyblogger has a great series titled “How to Write Magnetic Headlines” and it’s worth your time to study. If you’re really feeling time pressed, then check out Stuart Brown’s “How to Write Great Headlines.”

I’m having you start with the headlines because I’m making the assumption you’re already producing some kind of content. I’m also assuming that if you’re one of our clients, or want to be, you have an audience you’re trying to engage with your content. If you’re not using well-crafted headlines, you’re missing a big opportunity.

Whether you’re using one of our browser Booms!, a toolbar, widget or simply an RSS feed, your news and content is the everyday reminder for your audience to return to your site. A great headline can be the difference between curiosity and a click. We’ve seen it with the click-through in our Booms!. When the news ticker is used, it captures a good percentage of overall clicks from the browser. For the clients who have compelling headlines, the traffic volume can be significant.

I’m just using our product as a reference point. Regardless of the vehicle being used by the consumer, if they’ve downloaded an app or subscribed to your RSS feed, they’ve demonstrated their commitment to what you provide. It’s to your mutual benefit to entice them with well-written headlines.

Fortunately for you, if you’re not doing this today, RSS is the common delivery mechanism. It is not a major development effort, but it can be leveraged across multiple apps and feed readers making it a major driver of traffic. If you’re already using RSS, then make sure your headline-writing skills are polished. You can improve your results several times by moving the quality of your headlines from mediocre to good.

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