Ben Elowitz made a compelling argument for brands connecting with its fans in his Online Media Daily commentary. He details examples of how brands have created sites that engage their user base and create a dynamic exchange. It’s by serving these fans that the majority of brands will see their success in social media.

I’m thrilled to see this kind of discussion because Brand Thunder plays an enabling role in this scenario. When you have an engaged community with a steady flow of news, information and discussion – the best thing you can do is keep that community aware of the activity going on. Fortunately, there are a number of methods and tools that help brands maintain that connection. I’m biased as I think we have one of the better ones.

When you have the connection to your end user in the browser, it’s a persistent connection within the primary vehicle for interacting online. The results of mixing a tool like a customized browser with the exciting news and events on a brand’s community site can be staggering. We’ve seen an 8x improvement in visits by users of our product over the average visitor to our client’s site. Most of the products that contribute to these gains can be implemented with a low level of effort by the brand.

There is a promised land for brands in the social media world. There is an engaged audience that a brand can appeal to and create the desired connection. When you think of these sites and the destination they can become, don’t overlook the vehicles that will help deliver that audience on a frequent basis.

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