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If you’re like us, you like to keep up with companies, news and opinions across the web. And, we’re probably like you in that we offer different ways of communicating what’s going on and what we deem as relevant. To help you sift through the delivery vehicles, I’m providing an overview of each one. Then you can choose one or two that fit your needs best, or simply follow the links and sign up for all of them.


Follow: brandthunder It’s company insight and more. Patrick must be the speed-reader in the company. He gets through more blogs, articles and newsfeeds in a morning than I can all week. If you want a grasp of the best of Internet business news, his take on current company activity and the occasional compelling gadget – following us on Twitter is a great way to go.


Another easy method to keep up with company news and activity is to sign up for our email newsletter at What I appreciate and respect about the newsletter is that it’s news, when it happens, and not on a schedule. We’re not going to put something in your mailbox until there’s something worthwhile to put there. No clutter, just the goods.


Our blog continues its evolution. We’re on a publishing pace of once or twice a week. What you get is a range of news and information about the company, insights into our industry (which I view as interactive marketing, but am open to feedback and requests for information) and some insights into the life of a company in the midst of its early growth stage. You can always read it on our site, and visit our Gallery while you’re here to see the latest browser Boom!, or get the blog in your favorite reader with this URL:


Another easy way to get the new news bits… become a fan on Facebook at It makes us happy and it’s guaranteed to impress your friends – or something equally good (I need to check my legal disclaimers). :-)

I hope this helps, and we hope to see you in more places.

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