Edinburgh Capitals

Hockey teams seem to be the innovators in the interactive marketing space, especially if the team’s name is the Capitals. At least, that’s been our experience to date.

One of Brand Thunder’s first clients was the National Hockey League’s Washington Capitals. Now, we’re first again with the Capitals. This time it’s the Elite Ice Hockey League’s Edinburgh Capitals in Scotland. It’s the first entry we’ve had into the sports marketing arena within the UK. You can read the details here or see the product here.

The sports industry has been the most aggressive in adopting our product. That seems natural as they’re businesses are dependent on the ongoing and strong relationship with their existing fan base. They are not solely focused on the trial or new user that so many marketers pursue. Reaching and appealing to new audiences is important, but it’s never at the expense of that vital core.

We’re thrilled to count the Capitals and their fans among our users. Again.

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