Like any start up, we need to be cash conscious but sometimes separating the “wants” from the “needs” is not easy. We really want to be at SXSW. But in terms of it reaching the audience who buys our service (the brand marketer needing a branded browser), we don’t know if it’s the right show so we don’t know if it’s a need.

Outlined here is our strategy and thoughts for the show.

1. We’re not buying ads at the show.

This is a marketing spend that may help with awareness but, most likely, won’t drive a sale on its own.

2. We didn’t get a booth at the show.

This is a calculated risk. It’s a big cost driver, but gives the personal connection with a prospect that can deepen the interest and really get close to a deal.

3. We’re sending one of the team to attend.

Here’s the big leap of faith and why we’re doing it.

  • We have talent in Austin. Michael Kaply, our lead developer, lives in Austin. But proximity isn’t the real value. Mike is one of those rare talents who is not only an amazing and accomplished coder, but he’s aware and articulate about the needs of the business person – and he’s an extrovert. If you’re going to put this task on the shoulders of one person, he’s the guy. (No, I did not give Mike a chance to edit this blog before publishing.)
  • Much of the pre-show preparation is the same. Regardless of how we’re attending (booth or just a body), we want to go into the show with a set of pre-scheduled meetings. We’re contacting our partners and prospects, finding out who will be attending and arranging times to meet.
  • The networking in the off hours is half the value of the show. It’s amazing how beneficial talking to the person next to you in a line can be, and if you actually get quality time at an after-hours event, even more so. We’ll find out how high our “half-the-value” estimate is.
  • The high-quality leads of people seeking us out at the booth will be partially offset by the value of extended interactions at the networking events.

We’ll naturally discuss the results here. But, we’d really like you to meet Mike there and learn how Brand Thunder can help you engage your audience. So, if your headed to SXSW, drop us a line at our Contact page and we’ll arrange a time to meet.

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