COLUMBUS, OH — August 20, 2009 — Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, announced today an agreement to include WeatherBug content within its branded browser experiences.

Brand Thunder reworks the visual style of a browser theme to match the colors, logos and imagery of its partners while also adding content and functionality to the browser. Brand Thunder now includes WeatherBug content as part of its capabilities portfolio enabling clients to better tune their customized browsers to the needs of their end users. Through the WeatherBug API, Brand Thunder can integrate weather into virtually any location on the browser; ensure the appearance works within the unique design of each browser; and provide one-click access to the full extent of WeatherBug content on

“We’re pleased to have a premier brand, like WeatherBug, as our partner,” said Patrick Murphy, founder and CEO of Brand Thunder. “Weather impacts so many daily decisions, from simply deciding what to wear, to whether to act on the browser alert about recently released tickets to the next Major League Soccer game. I’m glad this is now available as an option for our users and clients.”

“Brand Thunder provides a great affinity product for both its users and clients. The inclusion of weather is a logical extension of its value proposition and we’re proud to bring our live local weather to the platform,” said Alan George, Director of Business Development for WeatherBug.

Brand Thunder’s browser Booms! are free, lightweight active customizations that can include themes, toolbars, sidebars and other content or functionality. Users can switch real-time between any installed Booms!, or change from a full Boom! view to a small Boom! (toolbar only), all without restarting the browser.

About Brand Thunder:
Formed in April 2007, Brand Thunder creates custom-browser experiences. Brands enjoy a more persistent connection to their Internet consumer through the custom browser Boom!, which increases website visits and revenue. Through a software installation, end users change the look and feel of their Internet browser into an immersive experience from their favorite sports team, entertainment franchise or Internet site. The custom browser Booms! feature official logos, colors, content and functionality, but can also extend capabilities including video, music players or other Internet widgets. Current business partners and clients include the Huffington Post, Major League Soccer, NASCAR, NBA, NCAA, NFL, NHL, Universal Music and Yahoo!. Samples found at

Patrick Murphy, CEO
Brand Thunder, LLC


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