Cool Site of the Day

The word “venerable” isn’t used to describe many web sites, but it certainly fits Cool Site of the Day. They’ve been surfacing a cool site on the Web every day since August 1994, which means they’ve look at a lot of sites for a long time. That made it all the more thrilling to find out Brand Thunder was going to be featured today.

Now that we made it past the editors, we get to hear from the Cool Site audience through their ratings. I hope we fare well. It’ll be interesting to see what reaction our product gets when we’re not leading with the strength of our partners.

Usually, a fan of site like or of a team like the Pittsburgh Penguins will see our custom browser Booms! promoted on the community or team web site. The user only becomes acquainted with Brand Thunder after the fact. In this case, Brand Thunder is being introduced directly to the user. It’ll be interesting to see how we do on a first impression.

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