We’re continuing our progress with NHL teams with our latest launch – the browser Boom! for the Atlanta Thrashers. First, you have to check out the design. As we head into the heat of summer, this is one Boom! that will provide a little chill. Take a look at the screen shot in our Gallery or on the Thrasher’s site and see what you think.

We’re launching just in advance of the Thrashers Draft Party. If you can’t make the party or aren’t local to Atlanta, Thrasher fans can still enjoy the latest news and videos delivered right into the browser. The links to the team’s blog and message boards will keep you in touch with the drama of this year’s picks and trades.

You start to see why our product is finding a solid audience with sports teams and their fans. With the Internet and cable TV, sports are a year round effort – for any league. While the Pittsburgh Penguins just earned the Stanley Cup in a stellar series for the rest of the league, fans are already turning attention to next year and it’s teams like the Thrashers that are right there with the fans.

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