Looking For Group

Blind Ferret Entertainment’s Looking For Group was a fun project for us, and not just because it marks our first comic-focused Boom! (custom browser). It’s a great example of the visual styling that can take place within the browser (more on that below). The Blind Ferret team did a fantastic job with it.

If you’re not familiar with LFG, it’s an irreverent fantasy-themed webcomic. Don’t worry if you feel you’re late to the story line. With the full archive of comics available, you can get as much back-story as you need.

This Boom! is also a good example of partner-controlled graphics. Since it’s a company of artists, the request was for full control over the look and feel of the browser. We handed over the design templates, and they handed back some amazingly detailed art. This creates the perfect environment, within the Internet browser, for the LFG fan. You can (and should) see it here.

It also demonstrates another dimension of a Brand Thunder Boom! – client control. We tout our expertise in the custom browser space and are prepared to manage the entire process for you. But that doesn’t make us experts at knowing your audience, and where you want to have control – we’re prepared to work with you there as well.

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