Brand Thunder, the branded browser specialists, announced today an agreement with JOCKlife, LLC to build a browser enhanced to meet the needs of sports fans everywhere.

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) March 19, 2009 — Brand Thunder LLC, the branded browser specialists, announced today an agreement with JOCKlife, LLC to build a browser enhanced to meet the needs of sports fans everywhere.

The exclusive voice of the athlete is coming to a sports fan’s web browser. For the first time, sports fans can enhance their web browser with the JOCKlife look and feel, which will include streaming sports news headlines, scores, videos and commentary across the sports landscape, amateur to professional. Additionally, JOCKlife browser users will be able to move seamlessly between versions of the browser that match their specific sport of choice. Users can choose between four distinct views with each designed to meet the needs of the general sports fan and/or diehard baseball, basketball or football followers. With any selection, users will enjoy news, information and scores tailored to their customized choice.

“ is a growing and avid community of sports fans, and Brand Thunder’s Booms are a natural fit to keep them connected to their favorite sports, and of course, the athletes themselves,” stated Patrick Brougham, Sponsorship Director. “This is another important step in assisting the sports fan to stay connected to their favorite sport, team and athletes through a creative and exciting application.”

“ has a unique approach with professional athletes from professional and amateur teams taking an active role on the site,” said Patrick Murphy, founder and CEO of Brand Thunder. “We’re excited at the prospect of merging their exclusive news, editorials, videos and blogs into a customized browser experience for the sports fan.”

Brand Thunder’s browser Booms are free, lightweight active customizations that can include themes, toolbars, sidebars and other content or functionality. Users can dynamically switch between JOCKlife’s Booms without restarting their browser.

About Brand Thunder:

Formed in April 2007, Brand Thunder creates a more persistent presence between corporate brands and their Internet consumer through its branded-browser customization, which leads to increased website visits and revenue. Through a software installation, end users change the look and feel of their Internet browser into an immersive experience from their favorite sports team, entertainment franchise or Internet site. The customized browsers feature official logos, colors, content and functionality, but can also extend capabilities including video, music players or other Internet widgets. Current business partners and clients include the Huffington Post, Major League Soccer, NASCAR, NCAA, NHL,, Universal Music and Yahoo!. Samples found at

About is “The Voice of the Athlete.” Acting as an unfiltered source, vows to truly be the voice of the athlete allowing the viewer, to get a broader and greater sense of who their favorite athlete really is by allowing the athlete to speak without fear of misquotes and out of context interpretations. tells the real story from the athlete’s perspective without bias. Get it all directly through athlete blogs, exclusive interviews and videos, and get it from the top players from the best teams, amateur to professional.


Patrick Murphy, CEO
Brand Thunder, LLC


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