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Brand Thunder is a proud member of the Mozilla community, so you can imagine the honor we felt when they asked us to do work for them.

In its support of the UKs CyberMentors program, Mozilla had Brand Thunder deliver an Add-on featuring a custom theme and an integrated toolbar allowing users quick access to the key content and tools that are core to the CyberMentors program. You can see the work here.

Our branded Firefox experiences are designed to drive interaction and engagement between an organization and its end user. Compelling design plus useful content and functionality can go a long way to achieving that, and it’s something people will adopt in droves. We saw this early in our history when we launched the Washington Capitals and helped double the Firefox usage on their site. You can see the attractiveness to both the organization and the end user.

Now, consider for a moment, CyberMentors is a Beatbullying project. Its goal is to give victims of bullying (or bullies wishing to stop) a place to go and get help from people their own age. CyberMentors is young people helping and supporting each other online. With that kind of role, don’t you want to do everything you can to help? We did too.

We’re grateful to Mozilla for the vote of confidence in our work and for letting us play a part in such a meaningful program.

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