Soccerex London Forum

Brand Thunder will be at the Soccerex London Forum on Wednesday. Boyd Butler, KAM Sports International, will be representing us. Contact us if you want to meet with Boyd.

This is an advantage of working with channel partners that are experts in their markets. By having a partner in the UK, and one that is a specialist football agency, it was an easy call to send a representative. We also have data to support the decision based on the response to the Kansas City Wizards Boom! and our Euro Football custom browser.

Brand Thunder is still a start up and we try to be frugal. Being frugal doesn’t mean don’t spend, it just means spend wisely. This feels worth it.

Thinking about a post last week discussing how our business development team is working on developing new verticals for our product. These take time, but we’re also the most experienced selling our product – so we take on the majority of that work. Once a channel opens up, we leverage our partners to grow it. With some demonstrated success, having an expert in the football field seems like the natural person to attend this forum.

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