We’re excited to be attending Add-on-Con again this year, and we’re adding panel participation to our itinerary. Patrick Murphy will be participating in the Business Marketing track discussion “Using your Add-On to help publishers, OEMs, carriers, and others create value.” You’ll find other members of the team attending as well.

It’s a conference focused on people who build and market browser add-ons. As a result, you get an eclectic mix of the browser community from ingenious independent to the major players behind each of the leading browsers. We’re happy to be in such good company.

I also expect growing attention to be placed on this conference. Add-ons live in an interesting eco-system. The add-on sites for each browser offer a distribution point that provides an audience and exposure for the product, but also immediate community feedback with ratings and comments. It’s a built-in business loop that websites have to solve for separately. It’s a great proving ground for products and businesses trying to get a product to market. Likewise, I think this conference offers fertile ground for rising stars – whether it’s the product, the company or the developer talent.

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