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The Cleveland Cavaliers are the first NBA team to launch with a Brand Thunder Boom (branded browser) and they’re doing it with their fans in mind.

The Boom has two views: one focused on the team and, the other focused on – the official social network of the Cavs. And it’s more than just the look changing. All the toolbar buttons change to meet the needs of each user. You can check it out on their site here, or download from Brand Thunder here.

Brand Thunder’s Boom technology, which allows the real-time switching between the different browser customizations, helped make this happen. Our first two clients to utilize this capability, the Cavs and, both recognize the transient nature of the consumer and the desire to optimize the experience for their audience.

By transient consumer, I mean focus and attention is going to ebb and flow for each of us. Even diehard fans take a breather during the off-season or have a temporary shift of attention., a sports site that offers the “voice of the athlete” with its list of notable athletes blogging on its site, launched its Boom with four views: a general look, and ones focused on baseball, basketball and football (you can get it here). This allows them to meet the need of the fan that wants it all, or the fan that wants to focus on the sport that’s in season.

The Cavs are no different. They just split their focus between the Cavs fan and the CavsFanatic. It’s a natural extension of the push this season to recognize members of their fan social network – This focus has included game-night dedications and receptions for the community – and now a special view in the Cavaliers Boom.

When you really think about and act in the interest of your fans, transient isn’t much of a concern. You know they’ll be coming back.

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