Euro Football bwin Sponsorship

Brand Thunder’s Euro Football Boom! secured the company’s first corporate sponsor — bwin International Ltd. Given the international appeal of Brand Thunder’s products and the fervent betting that occurs with soccer fans worldwide it was a natural integration for this division of Vienna-based bwin Interactive Entertainment AG.

Sponsorships have been a part of our vision for a long time. A custom browser Boom! serves a self-selected, targeted audience – very appealing to advertisers. Each Boom!, however, is designed to deliver an immersive experience whether its for a team, a site or a topic. Additionally, you’re dealing with the extremely high visibility and extended exposure of an open Internet browser. What is functional and acceptable within a web page is not necessarily what works within the browser. The goal is to respectfully deliver placements that honor the user experience.

Depending on the brand, sponsorships may need to be overt or integrated. No one would be surprised to see several ads on a NASCAR vehicle and a sponsor program for that Boom! may offer one series of options. A sponsor treatment for the unofficial Office Boom! may need to be more integrated and contextual in its presentation.

Despite the appropriate audience of international soccer fans, placement within the browser design would have created a visual disconnect. Instead, we worked with bwin to introduce them to the user through the download page for the Boom! and within the header of the video sidebar (pictured above). While more traditional in their style and placement, these integration points were the right ones for this client and Boom!.

The capabilities and opportunities continue to grow for creating welcome experiences from sponsors to end users and across Booms!. And, if you’re in the market for reaching a targeted audience, we would welcome hearing from you.

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