As a business that sells to businesses to reach consumers (did you follow that?), Brand Thunder has to have several layers to its sales strategy. The relationship announced today with Starpulse (read the full release here) is an excellent example of this. Our sales presentation had to move from the broad corporate need to the specific consumer need to the impact on the business. is an online leader in the frenzied market of entertainment news. In Entertainment, you’re just as likely to drive traffic for the breaking news of the latest celebrity scandal as you are for your full editorial feature on the latest summer blockbuster – maybe more so. When an audience is that starved for breaking news, can you afford to wait for them to visit your web site? No.

Please forgive us if the following is a bit self-serving, but we’re talking about our sales approach so it should be relevant.

A key value proposition we offer when selling our services is persistence. We can keep your brand and message in front of your consumer regardless of where they are on the internet, and it’s done in an aesthetically pleasing way without encumbering the browser. The old advertising adage of “reach and frequency” has to be redefined for our product.

Starpulse knows that their consumer simply wants to see the celebrity mug shot and know what the charges were as soon as the news hits. Which is why we presented and launched with our News Plus sidebar that incorporates images and details of the breaking news. We understood the consumers need and had a solution to address it. The net effect will be increased site traffic and greater audience tenure.

See the effort of this collaboration here.

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