We were thrilled to be listed as a finalist for Excellence in New Communications in the 3rd Annual Society of New Communications Research (SNCR) Awards. Now that we’ve actually won, we’re ecstatic. The release issued by SNCR is here and all the winning case studies are at SNCR’s publication site – New Communications Review. You can also read our release or see the winning Washington Capitals browser theme.

1. Reaching Evangelists and Influencers
– For young companies with a limited budget, getting the word out can be challenging. Reaching a solid base of the evangelists and influencers in a given market can help that organic growth of promotion overnight. Looking at the people and organizations behind SNCR, who are among the top in the communications field, this was an important audience to reach. Pursuing awards can be expensive and time consuming, but going after those with additional upside can be vital to your growth.

2. Team Morale
– So much effort is given toward inward focused efforts. Starting out you have process improvement, product improvement, development, infrastructure, scalability – all the steps necessary to keep pace with a growing company. For this moment, you can raise your head and see that your peers and industry are acknowledging that intense effort. It’s a real boost.

All around, this is an important event for our company and we’re honored.

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