Brand Thunder launches its browser customization for Universal Music Nashville’s Sugarland concurrently with the duo’s Deluxe Fan Edition CD (the standard CD will release a week later). This bonus version is similar in value proposition to a custom browser.

The Deluxe Fan Edition offers additional tracks, more detail in the CD booklet, exclusive downloads and a chance to win a VIP package to the CMA Awards and hang out with the band. This CD bundle goes farther, does more and gives bonuses to the more avid fan. Sugarland is creating a deeper connection with that fan by providing them more insight and access to themselves.

Brand Thunder’s custom browsers also create an opportunity to engage and create a deeper, longer-lasting relationship with your audience. With Sugarland’s browser, fans can watch video right in the browser’s sidebar, stream music for free, receive exclusive news feeds and are never more than a click away from the band. It provides more to that consumer willing to go the extra step of downloading the browser and really connecting with the band.

You can see how it all comes together in the browser customization here.

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