Brand Thunder has just entered a period where we’re not just leveraging a brand; we’re depending on it to overcome a potential barrier to entry with the end user.

Brand Thunder launched its first full bundle that includes our custom themes plus a full internet browser. Early data shows this full bundle is converting half as well as our custom theme alone. Our previous installation flow had users landing on a marketing page and then proceeding to download the custom theme if they were using Firefox, or to go and install Firefox first before returning to the marketing page – a less than ideal flow. Now, either user (Firefox or non-Firefox user) can proceed directly with the download from the marketing page.

The difference in scenarios is fairly significant. One is a light weight add-on to the Firefox browser, of which many Firefox users are familiar. The other is a full installation of the Mozilla browser (same code as Firefox, but we’re not allowed to call it that) plus the custom theme and functionality extensions and represents trial of an entirely new internet browser. We recognized accepting the full bundle would be a matter of trust for the consumers.

These are people who haven’t adopted Firefox through other channels, are trusting that Mozilla is the same code as Firefox like we say (it is), and trust the brand offering the bundle is going to do the right thing for their audience (they are). But talk about a barrier to entry.

Given these psychological hurdles, the fact that the full bundle converts half as well as the Firefox custom themes is outstanding. That’s the power of trust. That’s the power of the brand and why brand marketers go to great lengths to protect their brand. And why those of us entrusted with representing the brand have a duty and obligation in upholding the qualities of that brand.

We are striving to do so, and the early data suggests we are benefiting from that trust.

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