Sometimes you forget what you know. In reading a blog entry called Proof of the Power of Personalization, it occurred to me that this is one of the key points we talk to our clients about but don’t recall mentioning here.

We usually reference how we build custom browser themes to allow brands to connect with their end users, but critical in this whole scenario is the desire of the consumer to personalize their lives. We all buy things that we enjoy and identify with and a lot of times it includes a brand. That can be in the form of the jersey I wear of my favorite team, the cartoon character in my AIM icon or the cause I support via the magnet on my car. It makes me feel good and it helps me connect with like-minded people.

Yes, as a company, we sell new media to brand marketers. What we deliver is a personalized experience on the Internet. That is the end result, and that is whom we are serving. Now, if we can make that end user feel special and connected, then we have done both the user and the brand a great service. I truly hope we don’t forget that.

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