We announced our relationship today with Dynasty Reps (full release here). With this custom browser, we’re working with emerging talent who are establishing themselves as the brand. Brand Thunder has worked with some well known brands and entertainment artists, this is the evolution of our vision for browser customizations.

When you think of brand management, there’s a lot of control exerted around the message of the brand and what gets associated with the brand. In the internet space, you’re less likely to control the message but there are methods to stay in front of it. So much attention is given to a breaking story, being first is critical. That’s part of the value of the persistent presence of the branded browser. When you have that direct connection to your community, and are with them whenever and wherever they are online – you have the ability to be the messenger.

With the Dynasty Rep theme, Lauren Stevens and Danielle Wolfe can communicate directly with their fan base that has developed organically on the web. The ability to deepen that fan connection builds greater loyalty and trust. And isn’t trust the hallmark of the best brands?

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