Early on, we had a hunch that sports teams would be a natural fit for our browser themes. If anyone has a propensity to show their affiliation – it’s sports fans. That has largely borne out to look at our early clients and our upcoming pipeline. With that scenario at hand and given the limited resources of a start up, how do you focus your business development and sales energy? Here’s what we are doing.

Instead of pursuing the sports segment ourselves, we’re partnering with firms like DMB Sports Group, a premier design and marketing firm in the sports industry. Given our portfolio and the data from released products, we feel we can close more deals by using an expert in the sports field and being a consultant to them – offering documentation, sales material and product knowledge directly relevant to their industry.

Putting the sports industry in capable hands allows us to focus on prospecting in new industries. Our experience is showing there’s tremendous value in capturing that first client in a market segment because that leads to other sales within that category. And since we are very comfortable talking about our product, regardless of the industry, we feel our energies are better placed in the prospecting role and creating those new opportunities.

That’s our new hunch – that as a start-up, we’ll gain more leveraging the expertise of a company like DMB Sports to help us exploit a category than trying to do it all ourselves. What’s your hunch?

2 responses to “Start-Up Business Development – Partnering for a Sales Lift

  1. Absolutely. Working the channel helps give a new business legs quickly.

    What about working with a development office for interested alumni of private colleges/universities? It’s like an affiliate credit card, vinyl window cling or car license plate, but more high tech.

    Have the development office provide it to new alumni who want to trick out their browser…

    I like the idea of distributing upstream.
    Chris Brown
    Branding & Marketing Blog

  2. Chris: You read our mind, or at least our sales report, stay tuned for announcements in the coming weeks.

    And thanks for commenting. We’ve been following your postings and are honored by your visit


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