How often does your ego get in the way because you say to yourself “I can do it all”? The ego has its role. It probably inspired a lot of entrepreneurial ventures because you believe you can do “it” better. But, does it also give you free reign to do what’s right for the business?

As a start up, we have some notion that we simply can’t do it all and one aspect of that is reaching all client prospects as rapidly as we’d like. So, to broaden Brand Thunder’s business development, we’ve talked with a number of agencies since they’re already representing brand marketers and are used to pitching emerging media opportunities. Coolfire Media offered all that, plus brought an added dimension. Their existing interactive division provided the technical expertise to allow them to extend the browser functionality beyond the portfolio of offerings Brand Thunder currently provides.

This distribution strategy really required setting the ego aside. Aren’t interactive agencies and Brand Thunder both in the business of providing creative, technical solutions to brand marketers? But, there is no one true path for creativity or execution. Each company will offer its own strengths and perspectives. And, that’s why we pursued this path.

We are also confident in platform we’ve created for custom browsers. This gives a company, like Coolfire Media, the foundation against which to develop while still giving them the functional creativity to add more than visual appeal to a browser. They don’t have to recreate the wheel, they just have to enhance the vehicle. And, together we hope to sell more cars (or custom browsers actually, wanted to clarify in case the metaphorical ramblings were getting too vague).

To see the range of Coolfire’s work, go to To see our current client executions, visit To see the press release of the agreement, click here.

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